Innovation for the Active Lifestyle

OxyStrap® International is a U.S. company committed to fitness and health innovation. This commitment led our physicians and engineers to develop the world’s first wearable fitness tracker which enhances safety and accurately measures body vital signs including oxygen saturation while “on the move”.  OxyStrap® is backed by rigorous research. We’ve tested our product under a wide range of conditions to ensure that it provides precise measurements and reliable feedback. We set out to create a noninvasive way to monitor body vital signs while you are “on the move”, and the amazing result is the OxyStrap® fitness tracker!

The Oxystrap is designed primarily for use during physical activity workouts to help the user safely achieve the ideal workout intensity for the best possible results. However, it can also be useful in other situations where monitoring of body vital signs data is needed. 


  • Sports
  • Training
  • Exercise
  • Fire Fighters
  • Miners
  • Military
  • High Altitude Work Environments
  • Small Aircraft Pilots
  • Leisure Travel to High Altitudes

The Oxystrap meets the gold standard for fitness trackers. The gold standard for an effective fitness tracker is accurate and real-time audio announcements of body vital signs (temperature, pulse and 02 saturation), because without those features, the user cannot achieve the best possible physical activity results and performance plus enhanced safety.

Primarily, due to the fact that the Oxystrap is head-based, rather than wrist (extremity) based, it is the only fitness tracker that provides all the essential features for accuracy of body vital signs while “on the move” under a wide variety of conditions  (i.e. outdoor sunlight, dehydration, low blood pressure, low environmental temperatures).

These essential features include: 

  1. A protective light barrier
  2. A central body location to offset the adverse effects of “vasoconstriction” conditions.
  3. A superficial (skin surface) & plentiful blood supply.
  4. Fitness tracker immobilization while “on the move”.
  5. An ideal location for the required reflective oximetry.
  6. Water resistance.
  7. An elasticized, adjustable and slip-resistant band to maintain proper tension and avoid movement.

The Oxystrap fitness tracker does not provide sleep tracking, mapping data, or guided workouts. The Oxystrap focuses on tracking and providing accurate and real time body vital signs data for fitness and safety during physical activity.  The user simply needs to engage in their physical activity of choice. The goal with physical activity should be to keep the heart rate in the users target heart rate zone and near the user’s high target heart rate during cardio exercise to obtain the maximum benefit results. The Oxystrap automatically calculates the user’s target heart rate zone.

The Oxystrap Fitness Tracker was developed by a team of physicians, extreme sports athletes and Dr. Jeffrey Gertsch M.D., an internationally published and recognized expert in high altitude, military, and wilderness medicine.

Academic Research

Dr. Gertsch is a Navy research scientist and has gained expertise over the past decade as one of a handful of neurologists dedicated to the study of wilderness and expeditionary medicine; most specifically hypoxemia at high altitude. Download the CV for Jeffrey Gertsch M.D..